Thu 19 Oct 2023, 14:29 · Ash Harrison

Two former Newcastle managers lampooned in brilliant action figure mock-ups

Two former Newcastle managers lampooned in brilliant action figure mock-ups
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Social media is a cesspit by and large, but every so often something comes along that makes doom-scrolling on Elon Musk's toilet of an app worthwhile.

PaddyPower's twitter or X or whatever you want to call it, is usually a goldmine of sporting-related comedy and this morning they've absolutely knocked it out of the park.

In a post that read "That's yer da's Christmas present sorted", they posted four images of former football managers as wrestling action figures, each with their own unique accessory. The "toys" were lifted from the Soccer Slammers X page which also hosts a few other recognisable faces.

Newcastle fans got double the chuckles with two of their former and possibly least favourite managers represented.

We are genuinely gutted these aren't real

The four managers imagined as wrestling toys are Harry Redknapp complete with car door, naturally. Neil Warnock who doesn't have an accessory but does come with a talk function as well as 'smash and grab action'. Then there's the two former Newcastle gaffers Sam Allardyce with a pint of wine and Steve Bruce with a cabbage. Absolutely genius.

A pint of wine and a bung for sir?
Love the cabbage

We are absolutely devastated that these aren't real. They'd look fantastic on display in the office, and if we got bored we could take them out of the packaging and chuck the mini cabbage at Bruce.

10/10 from Paddy Power on a week where Newcastle fans could do with a distraction.