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Sandro Tonali's representatives have put out a strong statement in the wake of the FA charge

Sandro Tonali's representatives have put out a strong statement in the wake of the FA charge
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On Thursday it came to light that Newcastle United midfielder Sandro Tonali had been found guilty of 50 breaches of the FA rule E8 on gambling.

The FA have been conducting their own investigation into the breaches of betting rules after Sandro Tonali was found guilty by the Italian Football Federation and banned from football for 10 months back in October.

It's just worth noting how that investigation from the IFF was done within a month including the punishment being handed down and beginning, whereas it has taken the FA almost six months to do the same thing despite the fact that Tonali came forward to the FA and gave them everything they need.

Sandro Tonali's representatives have issued a statement following Thursday's news in the wake of Eddie Howe publicly stating in his press conference on Friday morning that he hopes the FA take everything into account and don't throw the book at Tonali.


Tonali's representatives have issued a statement following the charge

The statement from Tonali's representatives, GR Sports, as quoted by Fabrizio Romano on X, reveals that Tonali volunteered the information to the FA in order to bring the matter to a close.

“It should be noted, in relation to the reports in the English and Italian press, that the ongoing investigation is a due act after Newcastle player Sandro Tonali, decided in October 2023 to self-report to the FA, as he had previously done with the FIGC, in order to clarify his position regarding the betting he had carried out at a time prior to the start of the proceedings in Italy”.

“We are therefore not talking about anything new but simply about recurring facts before the Italian disqualification, which the player voluntarily wanted to bring to light even to the English Federation to put a definitive end to a negative and very painful parenthesis of his life”.

“Sandro Tonali will continue to fully cooperate with the FA as he did with the FIGC and do everything possible to ensure that these proceedings can be resolved as quickly as possible”.


We could find out next week what will happen next

Tonali has until 5th April to respond to the FA's charge, but we expect there'll be no complaints from the player given that he's been open and honest with the FA throughout the investigation.

It then just remains to be seen what the FA will do after that date, whether they feel the 10-month ban he's already serving is enough of a punishment or whether they want to impose their own ban and whether or not that will run concurrently to the one he's already serving or if it will be an extension.

Hopefully, the FA go easy on him given that he's already been harshly punished by the IFF and he's complied with them all the way and we can see Tonali back in action for Newcastle early next season.