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'Not you again': Callum Wilson now shares with Premier League player really gets under his skin

'Not you again': Callum Wilson now shares with Premier League player really gets under his skin
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Football is made up of lots of little rivalries and Newcastle United striker Callum Wilson has recently shared who is his current nemesis.

The £20million striker has revealed who really knows how to wind him up in the latest episode of The Footballer's Football Podcast.

Currently sidelined through injury, Callum Wilson has looked back on his most recent Premier League outing which was the 1-0 win against Arsenal that played out with absolutely zero controversy at all and didn't in any way negatively taint anyone's perspective of the Gunners or their manager.

Wilson and Gabriel have an on-field rivalry

Wilson recalled the mini battle he had with Gabriel throughout the game, and although Wilson wasn't involved in the controversial winning goal, Gabriel very much was. We imagine Wilson took some pleasure from that.

Joelinton vs Gabriel
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Joelinton did not foul Gabriel
"He's a good player and off the field he is probably a nice guy, similar to how I am really and we would probably get along, but on the pitch, it is just like war. He wants to fight me, I want to fight him.

"We had a game against Arsenal recently and he was kicking me, I was nudging him, elbowing him, standing on his foot, I fell over and I grabbed him for no reason just to bring him down with me. He was saying 'what are you doing?' I was like 'shut up'.

"It started from the last game, before the one this season. We must have had that little bit on the pitch, then you shake hands and get on with it. Then in the tunnel before the game this season, it's funny because he was smiling at the Brazilians, saying hello, and I'm standing there angry already and looking at him and he sees me and you don't want to smile back and he looked and thought 'oh not you again'.

"I've asked [Aaron] Ramsdale about him and what’s he like and he said he's a nice guy, so I probably would get along with him, but on the pitch I'm an idiot and he's probably the idiot that gets under my skin as well and that's why we just clash. But, if we were on the same team you would want someone like that and visa-versa.”

We still don't know when Callum Wilson will return from injury

We love how these little rivalries can be borne out of one incident in one game and then just live on for the rest of their careers.

As long as you don't go full Roy Keane on Alfe Inge Haaland with it, it's surely a good thing and gives that extra impetus when your two sides meet.

We still have no estimated return date for Callum Wilson but we have Alexander Isak to lead the line and Anthony Gordon banging goals in for fun.