Tue 23 Apr 2024, 20:29 · Ash Harrison

Man buys £4m house and then leaves his job - Journalist says Bruno Guimaraes will leave Newcastle this summer

Man buys £4m house and then leaves his job - Journalist says Bruno Guimaraes will leave Newcastle this summer
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Bruno Guimaraes dropped the biggest hint on his future yet by buying a £4million house in Darras Hall and yet lazy journalists are still writing about his likely summer exit.

Short of chaining himself to the gates of St James' Park, we're not sure what more Bruno Guimaraes can do to signal his intention to stay at Newcastle United next season.

The man has repeatedly spoken of how happy he is at the club, how much he loves the city and the fans and how settled he is in the area, even calling his sons Brazilian Geordies, and yet, journalists can't stop trying to disrupt the harmony.

The latest offender is journalist Rudi Galetti who flat-out says Bruno is expected to leave this summer. He barely even leaves it open for debate in his latest post on X.


Rudi Galetti thinks Bruno is off after the Copa America

Galetti claims that several clubs are interested in our star midfielder, which may well be true, but that doesn't mean he's going to leave.

"Bruno #Guimarães' situation will be defined after the Copa America: anyway, he's expected to leave #Newcastle. #NUFC

"Fierce competition on him: ManCity, ManUTD, Liverpool, Chelsea, Barca and PSG are among the clubs that appreciate the midfielder."

Prepare for itemised debunking

Okay, so breaking it down: both Manchester Clubs, Liverpool and Chelsea might as well forget about it. There's no way Bruno leaves us for another Premier League side, the fact that other Premier League clubs can't activate his £100m release clause is a big enough indication of that.

Paris Saint-Germain are probably the only club that could afford to buy him, but Bruno has done the French league already. He's openly said his ambition is to play in Spain, so they're out too.

Barcelona are skint. Simple as that. Granted, that's never seemed to stop them before, but Newcastle would demand they paid up the £100m release clause fee and would be very unlikely to negotiate a reduction on that price unless it involved a player going the other way, but again, very unlikely.

Also, did we mention that the guy just forked out £4million on a new house in the area? Hardly the actions of someone expecting to move in the next couple of months.