Sat 11 May 2024, 12:00 · Ash Harrison

Anthony Gordon picks up club award after being overlooked by Premier League

Anthony Gordon picks up club award after being overlooked by Premier League
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Anthony Gordon has been consistently Newcastle United's best player this season smashing his personal bests and proving doubters wrong every week.

With three games still to go this season, Anthony Gordon has 20 goal involvements so far this campaign and yet the lightning-quick winger has not been recognised in any Player of the Season conversations.

Premier League Productions put out a series of videos talking about the Premier League's rising stars in various positions. The attacking midfielder video seemed oddly bereft of Mr Gordon, so to give them the benefit of the doubt we assumed they'd weirdly lumped him in with the strikers.

The rising stars video for strikers came and while Newcastle had representation in that one in the guise of Alexander Isak, there was still no spot for Anthony Gordon.


Gordon has been criminally overlooked despite picking up so much praise

Gordon played his way into Gareth Southgate's England side (eventually) and received buckets of praise from the England boss, and yet, when the EA FC sponsored Player of the Season nominations came out, Anthony Gordon was nowhere to be seen. Again, Isak was included which softens the blow, but we have to wonder what people have got against Gordon. Isak was also included in the Hublot Young Player of the Season award nominations too - but no sign of Gordon.

The fact that Kobbie Mainoo has got in there ahead of Gordon shows just how much that 'Big Six' bias permeates everything. Yes, Mainoo is a talented player, but Gordon has been far more consistent over the season.

Thankfully, the club have acknowledged his performances this season and Gordon has picked up the Newcastle United Player of the Year award.


Do people still dislike Anthony Gordon that much?

Anthony Gordon now takes the award from last year's winner Kieran Trippier.

We are completely baffled why Gordon isn't getting the recognition he deserves outside of the club, but we think back to when Gordon was at Everton and how much we disliked him, and maybe that's still the case for the rest of the footballing world.

If they could just take the time to look at his interview with Gary Neville on The Overlap and get to understand him a bit better, perhaps they'll change their minds. Although, a player's personality shouldn't come into it when judging them on what they've done on the pitch over the course of a season and there are few players out there who have done what Gordon has done.