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Who owns Newcastle United?

Who owns Newcastle United?
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On the 7th of October 2021, Newcastle United Football Club was purchased for £305 million by a consortium comprised of the Public Investment Fund (PIF), RB Sports & Media, and PCP Capital Partners. As of January 2024, PIF owns 80% of the club, with RB Sports & Media owning 14% and PCP 6%.

Newcastle United Owners


Percentage Stake

Public Investment Fund


RB Sports & Media


PCP Capital Partners



Public Investment Fund (PIF)

The largest shareholder of Newcastle United is the Public Investment Fund (PIF), with an ownership stake of 80%. As the sovereign wealth fund of Saudi Arabia, PIF wields considerable financial power, positioning itself as a major player in global investment. Under the leadership of Yasir Al-Rumayyan, who serves both as the Governor of PIF and the Chairman of Newcastle United, the fund has displayed a commitment to revitalising the club's prospects. It's crucial not to overlook the strategic aspect of PIF's investment, as it extends beyond direct financial contribution, embodying a promise to reinstate the team's competitive spirit and fortitude.

RB Sports & Media

Another vital component of the consortium is RB Sports & Media, which holds a 14% stake in Newcastle United. An extension of the Reuben Brothers' diversified investment portfolio, the firm brings to the table the prowess of private equity as well as an insight into the sporting world. The public face of the RB Sports & Media, Jamie Reuben, symbolises the infusion of new energy and approach within the club.

PCP Capital Partners

Owning 6% of Newcastle United, PCP Capital Partners is helmed by Amanda Staveley and Mehrdad Ghodoussi. Their boutique private equity firm has been a catalyst in facilitating the acquisition, meshing financial acumen with a profound understanding of the sports industry's dynamics. The involvement of PCP Capital Partners is a testament to the strategic partnership aimed at laying down a foundation for sustained growth and success.


How much are the Newcastle United owners worth?

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman
Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

In the world of football, the financial muscle of a club's owners often dictates their ability to sign top players and influence the global game. When it comes to Newcastle United, the numbers are staggering, with the ownership consortium demonstrating a net worth that overshadows many of their rivals.

The Public Investment Fund (PIF), holding an 80% stake in the club, represents the wealth of the Saudi Arabian state. While exact figures can be elusive, the assets managed by PIF are believed to be in the ballpark of $700 billion. This financial clout positions Newcastle United as potentially the richest club in world football.

The Sunday Times Rich List 2023 ranked the Reuben Brothers as the fourth wealthiest individuals in the United Kingdom. Their net worth is believed to be around £24.4 billion as of June 2023, an increase of ~10% over 2022.

Amanda Staveley and Mehrdad Ghodoussi's net worth was often cited as being "around" £110 million during their pursuit of Newcastle United between 2017 and 2021. No new reports related to their wealth have emerged since they finally became minority co-owners of the club.