Fri 19 Jan 2024, 13:59 · Ash Harrison

Pundit now says that Mikel Arteta could be the draw for Alexander Isak to move to Arsenal

Pundit now says that Mikel Arteta could be the draw for Alexander Isak to move to Arsenal
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Frank McAvennie has lost the plot it seems as he now thinks Mikel Arteta would be the reason Alexander Isak could leave Newcastle United and join Arsenal.

There are rumours flying around that Arsenal have their eye on Alexander Isak as the London club are desperate for an out-and-out striker.

Because Newcastle are currently flapping their gums about being at the limit of FFP, it's so easy for journalists and pundits now to link our top players with a move away, so that's exactly what's happening.

Journalists and pundits are having a field day right now

The Darren Eales interview where he mentioned having to sell assets isn't helping because there were no specifics mentioned (and why would there be?) so people are free to jump to the farthest reaches of the spectrum and say that Darren Eales has said that Newcastle will have to sell their best players, even though that's not at all what was said.

Frank McAvennie
The Sun
Frank McAvennie: Looks like Gary Busey, talks as much sense as Gary Busey

Still, it sells papers/generates clicks so that's what we have to deal with.

Now Frank McAvennie has told Football Insider that he believes Alexander Isak could be tempted by the move to Arsenal.

“I think he would be excellent at Arsenal. He’s energetic, he’s quick and a great player.

“Now will decide how good a manager Mikel Arteta is because a lot of things are going belly-up. They’re not winning games they should be and people are finding them out – they need a striker.

“But I think Arsenal will come through it and Arteta is a big manager. Every good manager goes through these things.

“The fact that Arteta has played at the top level will attract big players like Isak. Isak would be a massive signing at Arsenal, but I’m not sure they’d want to sell one of their best players to a rival.”

Let's collapse McAvennie's theory in one paragraph or less

So the fact that Mikel Arteta has played football in the Premier League makes him a better manager than Eddie Howe? So that means that Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard and Wayne Rooney are all better managers than Eddie Howe too?

What an absolutely ridiculous statement and a mental thing to base your theory around.

Alexander Isak has seen the way Mikel Arteta goes on when things don't go his way, does he seem like the type of character who would want to actively put himself into a situation to deal with someone like that? No, mate. Think on, eh?