Wed 12 Jun 2024, 19:30 · Ash Harrison

FAB minutes say Newcastle United fans should expect to get amazing reception at St James' Park next season

FAB minutes say Newcastle United fans should expect to get amazing reception at St James' Park next season
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The recent Newcastle United Fan Advisory Board (FAB) meeting minutes are online and there are a few things worth discussing from the meeting.

Newcastle United board members have once again met with the FAB to discuss ongoing matters with the club and a couple of things jumped out from the minutes of the meeting on 14th May.

One of the first things we noticed was how the board disputed the claim from The Telegraph that the feasibility study regarding the possible expansion of St James' Park was complete and that a way forward was being looked at.

Despite that article coming out in April the board told the attendees at the meeting that the final report still hasn't been received by the club, but when they do, the FAB will be the first group they consult.

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The club are continuing to address issues with the ticketing system

There was some potential good news for members who come up against the much-maligned ballot system when trying to secure tickets last season.

While the balloting system is to remain in place, the club are looking at ways to improve it such as being able to enter multiple ballots for different areas as well as offering a percentage of tickets to members only to increase chances of success.

It's far from perfect, but it's a step in the right direction.


St James' Park is going 5G!

While the club look forward to what to do with St James' Park in terms of expanding or moving, they aren't just letting the stadium sit in limbo in the meantime and are looking to make a major improvement ASAP.

The club recently installed a new PA system within the ground, and are also hoping to have 5G connectivity in the stadium next season which is a massive step up from having absolutely chuff all signal in most of the ground.

It may seem like such an obvious thing to do but that particular square of Newcastle has been in the dark for so long when it comes to mobile reception that it's going to make a huge difference to so many fans.