Tue 12 Dec 2023, 16:29 · Ash Harrison

Eddie Howe gives a super cagey press conference going into huge game against AC Milan

Eddie Howe gives a super cagey press conference going into huge game against AC Milan
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Eddie Howe spoke to the media this afternoon ahead of Wednesday's massive Champions League clash with AC Milan.

While Howe has often played his cards close to his chest, this presser seemed especially cagey, at least how it was reported via The Chronicle's live updates.

Of course, when the full conference is released online we'll get a clearer picture, but right now it looks as if Eddie Howe really had other things on his mind this afternoon, and really, we don't blame him.

Eddie Howe took cagey to new levels this afternoon

Tomorrow's game is huge, it will literally shape the rest of our season, so for Howe to have to sit and face the media when he'd likely be much rather working on his gameplan, let's just say it's no real shock that it seemed like he didn't want to be there.

Martin Dubravka
Serena Taylor via Getty Images
Martin Dubravka: He might be fit, he might not

Howe faced questions on fatigue, injuries, away form and even a cheeky one about Kalvin Phillips and the Newcastle gaffer gave away nothing.

When asked if Newcastle had all but sealed the deal with Kalvin Phillips, Howe simply said:

"That 's not correct."

Howe's incredible insights didn't stop there. When asked about the fitness of Martin Dubravka, who's said to be nursing a shoulder injury, Howe replied:

"That is unclear."

Gordon, Longstaff and Dubravka were all absent from training today

Anthony Gordon and Sean Longstaff were absent from training today so when asked if that means they'll be missing tomorrow Howe said:

"You can read into it whatever you want... [Gordon, Dubravka & Longstaff missing from training]

"We're two days after a game so we're trying to manage players. We'll see who's fit for tomorrow."

So there you have it. 15 minutes of stunning insight from Eddie Howe that told us nothing. Which is exactly what he would have wanted to be fair. Keeps Stefano Pioli guessing.

The gaffer was followed by Callum Wilson as they always wheel out a player for a Q&A as part of the Champions League press briefings and Wilson seemed a bit more chatty.