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Adidas and Newcastle United to give the fans what they want be re-releasing classic kit next season

Adidas and Newcastle United to give the fans what they want be re-releasing classic kit next season
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Newcastle United and Adidas are reunited once again after the German sportswear manufacturer left a lasting impression during the last partnership between the club and the kit designer.

Adidas were the kit manufacturer when Alan Shearer signed for Newcastle United for a then world record fee of £15million and that season's kit with the Newcastle Brown Ale beermat sponsor is etched into the memories of Newcastle fans of a certain age.

Not only was the home kit one of the best ever, the away kit that went along with it is also held in massive regard by the Newcastle fans which is why it's no surprise that Adidas are using that design as their template for the upcoming away kit.

Now, according to Footy Headlines who have a good track record at reporting accurate kit information ahead of time, fans will once again be able to get their hands on the iconic 1995/96 shirt.

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Footy Headlines
Callum Wilson in the iconic shirt

The iconic 1995/96 shirt is coming back

It seems that instead of trying to design a kit that resembles that iconic shirt for their first one back at the helm, Adidas are just going to re-release the old-style kit as is.

So if you want to get your hands on a piece of iconic Newcastle memorabilia, you'll soon be able to via the new club shop.

The partnership with Adidas was always going to be something special, but to bring back old designs that have long since been out of stores is a great touch.


Bring back the chunky Adidas lettering for the back of the shirt

We can't wait to see what other awesome things will hit the shelves as the club takes back control of its merchandising as they aim to be best in class.

Footy Headlines doesn't mention it, so we're assuming it won't be a thing - but if we could get the numbers and lettering from 95/96 on the back of the shirt too, that would just be amazing.

The giant numbers with the stripes in the corner and the blocky font is so much better than any of the standardised Premier League ones that followed.