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'It did make me laugh': Shearer has a brilliant x-rated reaction to Sunderland's midweek blunder

'It did make me laugh': Shearer has a brilliant x-rated reaction to Sunderland's midweek blunder
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Alan Shearer was among the thousands of Geordies who had a good chuckle at Sunderland's proverbial own-goal last week (before their actual own-goal on Saturday).

As Newcastle United were taking over one full end of the Stadium of Light, somebody at Sunderland, in their infinite wisdom thought it would be a good idea to redecorate the Black Cats bar with black and white and really roll out the red carpet for their bitter rivals.

Needless to say that went down like a lead balloon and Sunderland fans hit the roof. It wasn't long before it was all pulled down and Sunderland had put out a statement akin to a YouTube apology video.

Shearer struggled to keep it together on this week's podcast

Newcastle legend Alan Shearer found it all highly amusing and couldn't contain his laughter on this week's Footballer's Football Podcast.

Sunderland Black Cats Bar
It's quite cozy in the Stadium of Light, nice colour scheme.

Shearer had to explain to co-host Gary Lineker what had gone on as he'd not seen the images, and Big Al was borderline hysterical at one point saying through actual belly laughter "How f***ing stupid?"

“Sunderland did that themselves!

“When I saw those pictures I thought some of the Geordies must have broken into the Stadium of Light and decorated the room that was going to be theirs. But Sunderland football club did it themselves, can you believe it!”

Sunderland were the architects of their own demise

By the time Sunderland had put out their statement of apology the mind games had already been won and Newcastle hadn't had to lift a finger. Sunderland had defeated themselves days before kick-off.

We bet there were plenty of Geordies itching to get into work this morning to see their Sunderland-supporting co-workers to ask them how their weekend had been.

Can we do it again, soon? All the nerves in the run-up were completely worth it in the end.