Sun 14 Jan 2024, 11:38 · Ash Harrison

Chelsea and Liverpool reportedly readying bids for Bruno Guimaraes - Aye, right

Chelsea and Liverpool reportedly readying bids for Bruno Guimaraes - Aye, right
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It's a slow news day in the world of Newcastle United otherwise we wouldn't be giving this rumour the time of day.

Reports from Spain have suggested that Liverpool and Chelsea are prepared to meet Newcastle's £99million valuation of Bruno Guimaraes.

Now, bear in mind that we said this report originated from Spain and then add to it that it appears to have been started by Fichajes who are about as reliable as a 1982 Austin Metro. So take it all with so very many pinches of salt.

We could make stuff up too, but we don't

It all stems from the rumour that Bruno Guimaraes' contract contains a clause that lets him sign for Barcelona or Real Madrid. Which whilst it has never been outright denied, has also never been confirmed.

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Not enough salt for this rumour

It just feels like they've looked at that Darren Eales interview that has everyone hitting the big red panic button and decided to add fuel to the fire by digging up an old non-story and throwing some Premier League names in there too to freshen it up a bit.

Even TeamTalk have jumped on the bandwagon but they at least say that Bruno would be unlikely to want to move to another Premier League side.

We believe Bruno will be around next season

While we're not naive enough to think that Bruno is going to stay with Newcastle until retirement, he's definitely not going anywhere anytime soon.

He'll want to at least see how next season pans out as this season and last have been such weird ones that it has been impossible to gauge where Newcastle truly are.

If for some reason Newcastle struggle next season then yes, Bruno might start getting itchy feet, but as far as January and this summer go, we feel pretty confident he'll be sticking around.