Thu 21 Dec 2023, 15:59 · Ash Harrison

Two more Newcastle United fixtures moved for TV coverage in February

Two more Newcastle United fixtures moved for TV coverage in February
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Newcastle United fans now have two more changes to make to their calendars after the latest round of fixtures have been selected for TV.

More often than not lately, Newcastle have found themselves the subject of the live TV schedule for the Premier League. In fact, 3pm Saturday kick-offs are as rare as hen's teeth.

While that's all good news for the armchair fan, and the club's bank balance, it often comes at the expense of convenience for the match-going fans.

Newcastle fans now face travel chaos to get home from Arsenal in February

Case in point is the latest selection involving Newcastle which now sees the Magpies playing Arsenal at 8pm on a Saturday. Mint for the travelling fans that, well done.

Emirates Stadium
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Fun and games ahead for fans travelling to the Emirates

The other fixture change is the away tie with Nottingham Forest which has been moved back to 5:30pm kick-off on 10th February. That one's not so bad as it's just a couple of hours difference and half the distance.

However, for fans attending the game at Arsenal on 24th February, getting back from the Capital is going to be a nightmare.

End the blackout!

As we said, all this exposure on TV is great for the club. It brings in revenue, it's a sign of how interested people are becoming in the club again and will massively help to grow the fanbase, but it's those poor fans who have to make the travel arrangements and who are at the mercy of Britain's notoriously crap transport services that we feel for.

The sooner the Premier League puts an end to this archaic 3pm blackout the better.

Televise every game and just let us pay a subscription fee to our club to be able to see them. Everybody wins, surely?