Mon 15 Jan 2024, 14:59 · Ash Harrison

The risky call made during the Man City game which could have a negative impact going forward

The risky call made during the Man City game which could have a negative impact going forward
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Newcastle United have gone through a very testing season so far with the sheer amount of injuries to top first-team players.

The injury crisis has forced Eddie Howe to play the same group of players in many, many games causing so much fatigue and running the risk of adding to the pile of injuries.

On one hand, it looks quite reckless when players who are clearly not 100% are being forced to play, but at the same time, what else can we do other than field a bunch of players who, with the best will in the world, simply aren't good enough.

The Newcastle physio's made a huge call on Saturday

Saturday's game against Manchester City threw up another one of those moments during the game when Bruno Guimaraes was seen holding the back of his leg suggesting he had an issue with his hamstring.

Bruno Guimaraes
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Bruno continued playing despite feeling his hamstring

Given Bruno's huge importance to the team, losing him through injury would be a massive blow, especially when you look at our record in games in which he doesn't play.

However, after a quick check over by the physio, Bruno stayed on the pitch for the full 90 minutes. If Eddie Howe had more players available and had a bench worthy of the Premier League then you'd imagine that he'd have been taken off at the first sign of trouble, but having him play on can't have helped matters.

Hopefully it's nothing serious

Indeed, The Athletic say that when Bruno was asked about his injury he made a gesture suggesting "I don't know".

Fortunately, Newcastle now have a break between games and that could give Bruno the time he needs to recover. Although that recovery would likely have been a lot faster had he not been made to keep playing for another 20 minutes or so on Saturday.

Now we have to wait and see how bad the injury is and what effect it then has on our next few games. Brilliant.