Wed 18 Oct 2023, 15:07 · Ash Harrison

‘That’s not very nice’: Nick Pope names £20m teammate as having worst banter in hilarious video

‘That’s not very nice’: Nick Pope names £20m teammate as having worst banter in hilarious video
Creator: George Wood Credit: Getty Images Copyright: 2023 Getty Images
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The Newcastle United players have taken part in another fun game for the club's media team for another superb video.

Since the PIF took over one of the biggest things they've done off the pitch is to give the club more online visibility. Often the official site and YouTube channel will pop up with videos of the players getting involved in fun games in the training ground.

We've had the excellent game of Guess Who? where we learned that Alexander Isak is super competitive and also, possibly a cockney, there's been the coin in the fork and the water drop challenges too.

Nick Pope got a bit uncomfortable with his answers

In a new video put out today, the selected players would have to blindly pick one of two cards and perform the task or answer the question on said card.

Goalkeeper Nick Pope regretted his pick when his card asked him to name the player with the worst banter.

After a brief protest, Pope gave the answer of Callum Wilson. Something that will surely feel like a knife in the £20million striker's back.

Pope also laid into Wilson's podcasting abilities

“Name the teammate with the worst banter. Wow. That’s not very nice is it? I’m too kind to say something like this. Who can I pick on? I’ll say Callum Wilson! (Michail) Antonio carries him on that podcast.”

Of course it was all in jest, but it was one thing to name Wilson and another to come after his contribution to The Footballer's Football Podcast.

Popey may need to wear two sets of shin pads during training tomorrow just in case.