Thu 2 Nov 2023, 16:59 · Ash Harrison

Simon Jordan once again shares his view that Howe will not win the Premier League with Newcastle

Simon Jordan once again shares his view that Howe will not win the Premier League with Newcastle
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TalkSPORT host Simon Jordan has once again risked the ire of Newcastle United fans in another rant about Eddie Howe.

Simon Jordan is one of those public figures that Newcastle fans love to hate. He always seems to have a hot take when it comes to Newcastle United, and that's before we even look at his strange dislike for Amanda Staveley.

He will on occasion talk sense and even defend Newcastle, but then he'll undo all that goodwill with a poor take on something relating to the ownership or, more often than not, Eddie Howe.

Simon Jordan's takes on Newcastle are often controversial

On several occasions, the former Crystal Palace owner has implied that he doesn't believe Eddie Howe is an 'elite' manager in will not be the one to deliver silverware to Tyneside. Although, if you look at his record since he came in, all the evidence points to the contrary.

Nevertheless, Jordan has doubled down on his claims yet again today on TalkSPORT.

Jordan says Howe is a manager who will take Newcastle so far before the PIF have to bring in someone else to get them to that Premier League title.

“My belief system tells me that Newcastle will go on a journey and Eddie Howe will be a wonderful part of that journey. But like other football clubs that have required gatekeepers to get you to different waypoints and different benchmarks, Eddie Howe will be one of those.

“Now, if I’m wrong, I’m happy to back down from that. To win the Premier League requires a unique kind of manager and there aren’t many of them about. Now he’s proving to be a unique manager for Newcastle because that bar hasn’t been set very high recently.”

Eddie Howe is the perfect manager for Newcastle right now and there's no sign of that changing

Simon Jordan says there that he will back down if he's proved wrong, and to be fair, he definitely will. He's often wrong and has therefore had to do it several times already.

Right now, there probably aren't many managers Newcastle fans would rather have at the helm than Eddie Howe. He got us in touching distance of a trophy in his first full season as manager, he's just got us into the quarter-finals of that same competition again, and we're holding our own in the Premier League and the Champions League despite a boatload of injuries.

If he's not our man, then who is?!