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Sean Longstaff link to Leeds raises an important question regarding Newcastle's transfer plans

Sean Longstaff link to Leeds raises an important question regarding Newcastle's transfer plans
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It has been reported that Leeds United hold an interest in Newcastle United midfielder Sean Longstaff and could make a move should they achieve promotion.

The story goes that should Championship table-toppers Leeds United gain promotion to the Premier League this season, they will look to Newcastle's Sean Longstaff to help them maintain their top-flight status with a proposed fee of £15million to take him a couple of hours down the A1.

When we covered the story earlier today I had basically got the deal done in my head, but since then I've received a message from a mate saying he'd want at least £25million for Longstaff and that brings up an interesting point.

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Isak is an £80million target for Arsenal

Newcastle need to sell players but should they stand firm on prices?

We're no strangers to being messed about by clubs in the transfer market, especially post-takeover with everyone forgetting about FFP and common sense and whacking on a "Newcastle Tax" to every player we in which we held even a slight interest.

So that poses the question - do we play those games too? For example, do we apply the well-fabled "English Tax" to Longstaff and push for more than £15million, or do we accept that it's a pure profit sale and it's not a bad deal on the face of it?

Does that then set a precedent that we'll accept lowball offers just to get players off the books?

Or is £15million actually a good price for a player who isn't going to carry us forward and whose form as been inconsistent at best?


Newcastle need a big overhaul this summer but need to be smart

We already said this week that Alexander Isak being touted as an £80million target for Arsenal is laughable. He is surely a £100million plus player, and even more if we're selling to a Premier League rival.

Is it a case of status? Do we take the hit on the lesser players just to clean house? I mean, I'd happily see us tear up the contracts of Jamal Lewis and Isaac Hayden and take that financial hit just to get them off the wage bill. It might be counter-productive and financially make very little difference, but it saves our staff the effort of trying to find new clubs for them.

We keep saying it but we have to be ruthless in letting players go this summer and we stand by that, but do we do so at the expense of profit? Especially considering that these players will need replacing with ones who will cost a hell of a lot more. That's one for the board to decide, but it's something worth thinking about.