Wed 15 May 2024, 17:51 · Ash Harrison

Report: Wolves leading charge for huge Premier League rule change that would directly impact Newcastle

Report: Wolves leading charge for huge Premier League rule change that would directly impact Newcastle
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Wolverhampton Wanderers have tabled a proposition for a major rule change which will be voted on at the next Premier League AGM.

Recently most of the big topics discussed at the Premier League meeting have been thinly veiled attempts to halt the progress of Newcastle United since the PIF-backed takeover, but Wolves are hoping to unite the Premier League's 20 teams in a vote on something far more worthwhile.

According to The Athletic, Wolverhampton Wanderers have put forth a proposal to scrap VAR in the Premier League next season.

The Video Assisted Referee has been in use in the Premier League since 2019 and it was designed to cut down on the number of contentious decisions made by referees, but all it has done is heighten the controversy from poor decisions.

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The Athletic
Wolves' reasons for binning VAR

VAR could be scrapped but at the least it needs a massive overhaul

There have certainly been times when VAR has worked really well, but for every good use of VAR there seems to be another use that's so poor they become a talking point for days after. Or indeed, months if you're Arsenal and are now blaming Anthony Gordon's goal at St James' Park for you missing out on the Premier League title.

There are plans to introduce the semi-automated offsides which were so successful during the World Cup. A 3D image is created in real time to show whether a player has strayed offside, that technology should definitely be given a shot next season.

However, VAR has certainly got its detractors. It maybe wouldn't be so bad if there was a consistency applied across its implementation, but there rarely is. It has also affected the way decisions are made on-field with officials seemingly terrified of making a call in case VAR shows they made an error - this seems to affect referee's assistants the most with the late flagging for offsides a particular bugbear.


We should find out on 6th June how the vote goes

The Athletic published the list of reason Wolves have cited for their cause to have VAR reviewed and it's hard to argue with any of them.

The Premier League and the PGMOL remain committed to VAR and will likely raise strong objections against it being scrapped at the AGM in Harrogate in June.

The vote, which will be held next month, as always, needs 14 of the 20 Premier League clubs to agree for it to pass. It could potentially kick off a huge change in the Premier League for next season.