Wed 17 Jan 2024, 10:15 · Ash Harrison

Report: Bruno Guimarães wants to leave Newcastle 'sooner the better' - this is getting silly now

Report: Bruno Guimarães wants to leave Newcastle 'sooner the better' - this is getting silly now
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Bruno Guimarães has reportedly become disillusioned with the sporting project at Newcastle United and wants to leave.

That is according to Spanish outlet who now claim that Bruno will not wait around for Barcelona to make their move and could instead be off to Paris Saint-Germain.

This is Bruno Guimarães who, AGAIN, just this week stated how much he loves it at Newcastle in an interview at the launch of the Adidas Predators alongside his best mate, Joelinton.

The report is based on journalistic mathematics

The report starts out strong by claiming that Bruno is unsettled but then goes on to say how Barcelona can't afford him and PSG won't get him in January and that Saudi-backed Newcastle and Qatar-backed PSG working out a deal would be difficult. So ... he's going nowhere then.

"Bruno Guimarães will not wait for Barça. He wants to leave Newcastle the sooner the better, because he is disappointed by the lack of competitiveness of the sports project. And, his club, which declared losses of £ 73.4 million in the last season (reaching £ 150 million in two courses), is forced to sell."

Another quality case of journalistic mathematics there, putting two and two together and getting £100million. Just to reiterate, just because Darren Eales said we will have to sell players, he never said "We will have to sell Bruno Guimarães ASAP".


It's getting boring now seeing constant reports of our best players being linked with a move away because our season isn't going to plan, or because of that chuffing Darren Eales interview.

We are still very much under the impression that our board are playing a long game when it comes to FFP - pleading poverty to highlight how ridiculous it is that a club backed by a fund of £550billion can't afford to buy players because of the way the club was run before they took over.

Unfortunately, they have just chosen to play this game at a time when we are actually pretty desperate for signings. It is what it is, though and if it ends up getting FFP scrapped and we can start going nuts in the transfer market in the future, then we'll happily wade through the mire that is this season.

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