Thu 7 Sept 2023, 15:53 · NUFCFEED

PIF, PCP, and RB Sports & Media inject another £60M into Newcastle United

PIF, PCP, and RB Sports & Media inject another £60M into Newcastle United
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An eagle-eyed Newcastle United supporter has spotted that PIF, PCP, and RB Sports & Media have injected another £60 million of capital into the football club within the past few weeks.

Ian, known as @5yntax_Err0r on X, is well-known for his plane-spotting antics and we've referenced him before, but this time he's been keeping his eye on Companies House rather than flightradar24.

He's noticed the following SH01(ef) "Return of Allotment of Shares" form on the Companies House page of "PZ NEWCO LIMITED", which owns Newcastle United Football Club.

The form shows a solitary share being issued for tens of millions of pounds on the 22nd of August, 2023:

This isn't the first time that the ownership group has injected significant funds into the club, with previous investments shown in November 2021 (£38 million), January 2022 (£40 million), October 2022 (£70.4 million), and February 2023 (£57 million).

All-in-all, this takes the group's total investment in Newcastle United to £570.9 million, almost double what they originally paid Mike Ashley for the club in October 2021.

What the funds are to be used for is not yet known, but it could just be for the general day-to-day running of the club. More fanciful reasons for the investment could be for future transfer fees, stadium development, or a new training ground.