Mon 10 Jun 2024, 18:00 · Ash Harrison

Newcastle United fans on X are having a field day with the breaking news coming from Everton

Newcastle United fans on X are having a field day with the breaking news coming from Everton
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Newcastle United and Everton have a strange rivalry that seems to exist online with the Magpies and the "Scouse Mackems" often embroiled in a war of words on social media.

Obviously, a large part of the fuel to that fire is Jordan Pickford and his loathsome behaviour when the two sides meet but there's more to it than that.

The Toffees fans have had fun in the last couple of years pointing fingers in our direction regarding our Saudi-backed ownership and giving off holier-than-thou vibes from their dilapidated club as the Premier League throw points deductions at them for not being able to balance a chequebook properly.

Recently, a mooted takeover by the 777 Partners group collapsed after they injected money into their new stadium, meaning that whoever does now buy the club will also have to pay off the loan from 777 Partners too.


The Saudi Royal Family could bid for Everton

The big question is, though, who is going to step in and try and take over Everton with so much debt hanging over them? There are a few suitors but the one that has been reported by the BBC today has Newcastle fans in joyous spirits online.

"A consortium of international investors, which involves a member of the Saudi royal family, has made a £400m offer to buy Premier League club Everton."

This has led to memes aplenty being posted by Newcastle fans of "Everton fans deleting their social media right now".


We're torn on whether we'd want this one to go through

Should this be the deal that goes through, it's going to be interesting to see how their fans manage the pivot to "well the Saudis are okay, really" after all the grief they've thrown our way over the last couple of years.

As much as we don't want them to have the ability to use the Saudi Royal Family's money, the resultant backpedal would be too good to miss.

Of course with other offers on the table, they may well go with someone else and their self-righteousness would be free to continue.