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Kieran Trippier shares what really went on during Bayern Munich's attempts to sign him in January

Kieran Trippier shares what really went on during Bayern Munich's attempts to sign him in January
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The January transfer window has closed, ending with a whimper more than a bang as Premier League clubs spent around ten times less than they did last year.

Newcastle United did very little business with just one notable incoming, that being Alfie Harrison who goes into the youth setup. There were several outgoings with players leaving on loan and a couple of reserves moved on as well as Javier Manquillo.

However, there was a lot of talk about a few first-team players being linked with moves away, perhaps the most notable was Kieran Trippier who was linked with a move to Bayern Munich.

The players didn't buy into the January noise

In fact, the German side made an approach for the United vice-captain which was rejected by Newcastle.

Now that all the noise has died down, Andy Sixsmith asked the question of Trippier in a recent interview to find out how the mood was in the camp during the window and how he felt seeing his name linked with an exit.

"This is football. It's a transfer window. Everybody's linked away, there was speculation but in ours everybody was calm and relaxed. Nobody was throwing their toys out of the pram, everybody was committed, everybody was ready for the games coming up."

Then Trippier was asked more specifically about the approach from Bayern Munich.

"Bayern put a couple of bids in and they got turned down. I can't put it more simple than that, really. I was relaxed about everything. Committed like I've always said when I first arrived until now. I had plenty of chats with the manager and everything was fine.

"The owners and everybody associated with the club have great ambitions for this club and where they want to take this club and I think in the past two, two and a bit years you can see how far we've come.

"As I've said many times, I said when I first arrived and I'll say it again now how committed I am to the club. I've never once wanted to leave, never asked to leave. The manager knows, the owners know and my teammates more importantly know that."

That's all we need to hear.

We've got Tripps for a long time to come

When the speculation was growing we said a few times how we can see how letting Trippier go could make sense from a financial perspective, but being able to replace what he brings to the club would be nigh-on impossible.

Even when his form was suffering, his leadership, his drive and determination still shone through, just his legs couldn't carry him to where his brain knew he should be. Given how he's bounced back since the break it seems clear that the drop-off in form was down to fatigue.

Trippier isn't getting any younger, but he's still got a lot to offer and we'd be happy for him to see out his career at Newcastle and then stick around as a coach beyond that.