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Kieran Trippier says 'there's not place I'd rather be' amid speculation he could move to Germany

Kieran Trippier says 'there's not place I'd rather be' amid speculation he could move to Germany
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Kieran Trippier was the subject of an approach from Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich this month and speculation grew that the 33-year-old could be on his way out of Newcastle United.

Thankfully the club rejected Bayern's offers and Trippier remains part of the Newcastle United squad at least until the end of this season.

Newcastle's squad is a depleted horror show thanks to the amount of injuries, and as such the idea of selling players this month made no sense from a footballing perspective.

Trippier was in the team as Newcastle progressed to the FA Cup quarter final

Kieran Trippier played a big role in the 2-0 win at Craven Cottage last night that saw Newcastle knock Fulham out of the FA Cup.

Kieran Trippier
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100% committed

After the game, Trippier stated his desire to stay at Newcastle to BBC Radio Newcastle.

"I'm happy with the performance today, that's the most important thing. There's been a lot of speculation about me recently but as always, I'm committed here. 100 per cent. I have been since I first signed. There's no place I'd rather be.

"It [Bayern interest] is over. As I said before, I'm committed. I had a nice break with my family and I'm not worried about anything. I've always been committed to the club. They've done a lot for me and I want to give back. I've got nothing to throw my toys out the pram over."

We definitely need to brace ourselves for some unpleasant days

As we've said before, we could see the appeal of letting Trippier go from a financial perspective, especially given his age, but when the squad is on its arse already, losing players deliberately would be nothing short of bonkers.

Something is definitely going to change after this season in terms of how Newcastle do business, and selling players is going to be a big part of it.

If this is the price we have to pay to climb the football ladder, then so be it.