Fri 22 Dec 2023, 11:59 · Ash Harrison

'It's a long month': Eddie Howe now shares where Newcastle are with their January transfer plans

'It's a long month': Eddie Howe now shares where Newcastle are with their January transfer plans
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Eddie Howe has spoken to the press this morning before tomorrow's Premier League clash with Luton Town.

The Newcastle United boss was asked about the club's plans for the January transfer window with there being just a week until the window opens.

Newcastle will absolutely have to make some moves in the market next month. The squad as it stands is on its arse with so many players out injured, carrying minor knocks or just absolutely knackered physically and mentally. It can't go on like this.

Newcastle need to buy players for depth more than strength

This season's injury crisis has also exposed the areas in which the squad is sorely lacking depth and that will need to be addressed sooner rather than later.

Kalvin Phillips
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Eddie Howe was asked about Kalvin Phillips

During the presser (via The Chronicle), Howe was asked about transfers, specifically Kalvin Phillips, but like Neo in The Matrix, Howe dodged the issue.

"I would never talk about any individual player. We are assessing our squad probably on a daily basis at the moment to see where we stand injury-wise and to see where the gaps are in our squad and see what January can bring us, but I probably wouldn't expect any developments, any early news on that. It's a long month so we will wait and see."

It could be a busy, but underwhelming January for Newcastle

For us, there are other priorities before we need someone like Kalvin Phillips. Our midfield is fairly stacked and even with injuries we've managed quite well in that area, but centre-back and striker are a huge issue, and the goalkeeper situation may need to be looked at too if Martin Dubravka doesn't buck his ideas up.

Buying players to cover injuries is hardly ideal, it would be better if we were adding strength to strength rather than plugging holes, but that's the hand we've been dealt.

Fingers crossed Amanda Staveley leaves her chequebook lying around for Mehrdad Ghodoussi to swipe and go on a shopping spree again.