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‘Hugely impressed’: Eddie Howe now shares what he loves about living in the North East

‘Hugely impressed’: Eddie Howe now shares what he loves about living in the North East
Serena Taylor via Getty Images
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Eddie Howe spoke at last night's fan event where he opened up on life on Tyneside.

For a long time after Eddie Howe's arrival at Newcastle two years ago, Eddie Howe maintained that he'd not seen much of the area owing to his crazy work ethic and, given it was winter when he arrived, the lack of daylight hours before starting and after finishing work.

Speaking at last night's fan event (via The Chronicle) the former Bournemouth boss has shared how he's settled into the area after the 350-mile relocation.

'I really feel at home' - Eddie Howe

Darren Eales
Serena Taylor via Getty Images
Darren Eales listened to fans' concerns about the ballot system for away tickets
"I've loved the experience. I didn't know what to expect when I came here - I'd only been here as an opposition manager so didn't have the chance to sample what the area is like.

"I've been hugely impressed by a combination of things.

"Firstly, the people - I've been made to feel very welcome and everyone has been very friendly to me and my family. The training ground and the environment has been really good too.

"Me and my family are regularly at Tynemouth beach enjoying the sea, the sand but maybe not the weather so much. I really feel at home."

It's fantastic to know that Howe is settled in the area, it should help seal the lid on any talk of him moving away any time soon.

Fans had their say on the ticketing mes

Other than Howe's life in the North East, other topics that were discussed last night were FFP and of course, the shambolic ticketing system with Darren Eales confirming that these events are designed specifically to hear feedback firsthand. He went on to say that the club will revert to the old ticketing system if that's what fans want.

Fan engagement with the club is huge, and having been starved of it for so long under Mike Ashley it's just good to know that our voices are being heard. We have to accept that the club aren't always going to get it right, and they aren't always going to listen to fans. At the end of the day, it's their money and they have the expertise in their respective fields and will know what can and can't be done.

They're all steps in the right direction, though and that can only be a good thing.