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13 down one to go - Can Bruno Guimaraes achieve the impossible on Saturday?

13 down one to go - Can Bruno Guimaraes achieve the impossible on Saturday?
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Newcastle United midfielder Bruno Guimaraes has been on a mission for the last 13 games to stay out of the referee's book.

The 26-year-old Brazilian can be a feisty character, and we've seen him lose his head on several occasions, picking up needless bookings - which is why he's had to walk this tightrope for so long.

Since being booked in the game against Manchester City in January, Bruno has been on nine yellow cards for the season, one more would see him pick up a two-game ban.

However, should he survive the game on Saturday without picking up another yellow card, he will no longer run that risk.

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Bruno says Eddie Howe has helped him to not get booked

Bruno shares what Eddie Howe told him to help him keep his nose clean

There had been a feeling among supporters that, with him having to toe the line a bit more it would stifle his play somewhat, but that hasn't been the case and Guimaraes has been as influential as ever despite the Sword of Damocles dangling over his head.

Bruno told Premier League Productions at the weekend (via The Chronicle) how Eddie Howe gave him some advice that's helped him avoid another booking for so long.

“It is hard because for me when I play for this club - I give everything. I am aggressive, so it is hard not to get yellow cards. I love to play football with energy and sometimes I am a little bit too strong.

“I spoke to the manager and he told me to play smarter. I have been doing this and there is just one more game to avoid one.”

It would be devastating for him to fall at the final hurdle

We didn't think he'd get this far without picking up another booking.

In fact, we'd often looked at which game he could pick up the inevitable yellow and miss the two least important games, but credit where it's due, the closest he's come to picking up another caution was at the weekend when he had to hold himself back from jumping into the crowd to celebrate his goal against Fulham.

90 minutes now stand between Bruno Guimaraes and a clean record. Howay Bruno, you can do this, mate!