Fri 5 Apr 2024, 12:59 · Liam Brusby

'We need to deal with facts': Eddie Howe weighs up 'luxury tax' speculation

'We need to deal with facts': Eddie Howe weighs up 'luxury tax' speculation
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Newcastle United boss Eddie Howe has admitted that the new proposed 'luxury tax' in the Premier League is "only speculation" and kept his true thoughts at bay.

Howe spoke to press this morning ahead of the Magpies trip to Fulham tomorrow and updated fans on squad fitness, transfer sagas and overall club morale.

A question on one reporters mind however, was the proposed new 'luxury tax' that Premier League clubs are set to vote on in June.

The tax will mean that clubs will be free to spend and give the best players the best contracts, keeping the Premier League's reputation as the best league in the world intact.

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Howe on the touchline for Newcastle's 1-1 draw against Everton

Howe keeps his thoughts to himself

On the proposed changes, Howe said: "I've got plenty of thoughts on it, but I don't know if there's much for public consumption.

"I think it's difficult to deal with a rumour, we need to deal with facts.

"At this moment in time it looks like points deductions are the way the Premier League are dealing with things and we have to try and fall in line with everybody else."


What does Howe really think?

I think Newcastle fans understand how big these changes could be, the position to spend freely with little punishment is an attractive proposal.

In reality, we won't know what Howe thinks until he says it aloud. But maybe he'll start making entrances like Shane McMahon at WrestleMania if it all goes through.

For now, Newcastle will still be struggling to bring in the quality players they deserve this summer and may be forced to sell before buying.

Watch Eddie Howe's full press conference here