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Watch: Behind-the-scenes of the Adidas kit reveal video shows brilliant moment between Dan Burn and Jacob Murphy

Watch: Behind-the-scenes of the Adidas kit reveal video shows brilliant moment between Dan Burn and Jacob Murphy
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Usually on a Saturday morning thousands of Geordies would be waking up with a sore head wondering where all their money has gone.

Today, thousands of Geordies know exactly where all their money has gone - to Newcastle United's coffers after spending a fortune in the new club shop on Adidas gear.

The hype around the new Adidas partnership has been growing since last year when Amazon botched up the release of the documentary by putting up the final two episodes early and ruining the announcement.

Since then the anticipation has grown and grown until Thursday night when a promotional video appeared online showing the players in training gear playing pool, fans wearing the new kit in the street, Alan Shearer narrating what the black and white stripes mean to the Geordie nation ... oh and Alexander Isak walking his dog.


Dan Burn and Jacob Murphy getting excited over old kits is everything

The video spread like wildfire among the Newcastle United community, just adding to the excitement of finally getting hands-on with the new home kit the next day.

Now, the club has released a behind-the-scenes video in which Anthony Gordon speaks about the history of Newcastle United, Lewis MIley is presented with a birthday cake on set, and our favourite moment - Jacob Murphy and Dan Burn talking about the shirts they had as kids.

Dan Burn is seen holding up one of the early iconic Adidas shirts from 1997-1999 which had the famous shield on the back where the number was printed while proudly declaring that it was the first shirt he ever owned.


I just made myself feel really old, thanks, me!

We already know that Murphy had one older than that as we've seen the photo of baby Jacob and baby Josh wearing the blue "Sampdoria" kit with the Adidas stripes running horizontally through the middle of the shirt which we had from 1996/97.

It's crazy to think that Lewis Miley, who turned 18 during the shooting of the video, won't even remember Adidas as the kit manufacturer for Newcastle as he'd only have been four years old when Adidas left and Puma came along.

Are we all hoping we financially recover from this round in time for the away and third kit reveals? Hint: Ramen noodles are cheap, you can live off them for a month or two.

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The Murphy twins