Tue 14 Nov 2023, 19:41 · Ash Harrison

‘Two hands on’: The Joelinton push on Gabriel debate has been ended as VAR audio is released

‘Two hands on’: The Joelinton push on Gabriel debate has been ended as VAR audio is released
Stu Forster via Getty Images
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Head of the PGMOL Howard Webb was in the Sky Sports studio alongside Michael Owen today to share the audio from the Anthony Gordon goal against Arsenal.

Howard Webb has now shared the audio from Anthony Gordon's 64th-minute winner against Arsenal where VAR checked three separate offences in a four-minute review.

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta along with a sea of Arsenal fans and pundits connected with the club still believe that the goal should not have stood, but now the audio is available for them to listen to it should put the matter to bed.

Social media was fun today under the Sky Sports teaser

Arsenal fans in anticipation of the audio being released today took to X to post their view that the reason it has taken 10 days for the audio to come out is so they can re-record the audio to cover their behinds. The level of delusion here is off the scale.

Sky Sports has played the entirety of the four-minute check which confirms what was said in commentary that the VAR had no conclusive proof that would allow them to overturn the on-field decision.

Most telling was what was said about the Joelinton push, which seems to be the incident that most fans and pundits are leaning on as being the one that should have had the goal disallowed.

“I don’t see a specific foul on Gabriel, I see two hands on his back but I don’t see anything of push that would warrant him flying forward like that.”

Arsenal fans probably still won't accept the decision but such is life and such is football

And there we have it. Gabriel made too much of it, or what seemed more likely was that he was already stooping before Joelinton made contact. Either way, VAR made the right call.

Of course, this still won't be the end of the issue as Arsenal fans have sailed too far down De Nile to turn back now. If you're that far in denial all you can do is double down.

Well, best of luck to them. Newcastle United fans know that VAR got it right this time and that'll do for us.