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Report: Manchester United are confident of having Dan Ashworth in place in time for the summer transfer window

Report: Manchester United are confident of having Dan Ashworth in place in time for the summer transfer window
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Manchester United's acquisition of Dan Ashworth moves closer as the club are confident that they can thrash out a deal with Newcastle United before the end of the season.

This comes via TeamTalk who claim that Jim Ratcliffe is growing confident that Man United will agree a compensation package with Newcastle in time for Dan Ashworth to be in place at Old Trafford for the summer transfer window.

Newcastle have been standing firm on their demand of £20million to allow Dan Ashworth out of his contract early. The former sporting director is currently on gardening leave after asking for permission to leave the club.

Manchester United want Ashworth in place as soon as possible but aren't willing to meet Newcastle's demands.

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Ashworth in one of his previous roles - so loyal that one

£10m for a sporting director still isn't a bad deal

However, TeamTalk claims that Man United are optimistic that a deal which would see the Red Devils cough up £10million can be agreed and Ashworth will be place in time for the transfer window opening.

In fairness, that wouldn't be a bad deal for Newcastle. It's still way more than anyone has paid for a director of football, in fact the previous record was held by ... Newcastle when they forked out to land ... Dan Ashworth.

It seems that the man commands a hefty fee wherever he goes. Which is weird considering he did less than chuff all at Newcastle.


Newcastle want to add a transfer ban to the Ashworth contract

Okay, that's not actually true, but it makes us feel better to think like that so we're sticking with it.

There have been rumours that Newcastle would insert a transfer ban clause in the deal which would mean that Manchester United couldn't make an approach for any Newcastle players for a set period of time when Ashworth is appointed.

It's a shame they couldn't extend that ban to any player Newcastle had scouted during Ashworth's time here just to totally block them off, just as that last little kick.