Sun 12 May 2024, 14:02 · Ash Harrison

Report: Liverpool now want to lure £45m Newcastle man to Anfield as first post-Jurgen Klopp signing

Report: Liverpool now want to lure £45m Newcastle man to Anfield as first post-Jurgen Klopp signing
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Sometimes the media come up with stories so crazy it would actually be a crime not to comment on them.

Newcastle United's top players are almost constantly linked with moves away from St James' Park by the media, and although we know that there's only a small chance of there being any truth to them, they still gain traction, but every so often they throw up a story that's so crazy it shouldn't be brought to your attention, but at the same time, it would be mental not to talk about it.

Today The Star have put out one such story which is linking Newcastle United's Player of the Year, Anthony Gordon with a move to Liverpool this summer.

The former Evertonian who, just yesterday, spoke of the immense joy he has playing for Newcastle, is now a target for Liverpool.

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Everton to Liverpool is not a well trodden path

FFP is being used as the excuse to make the story work

The Star believe that Financial Fair Play will force Newcastle into selling one of their big players, a statement which has been rubbished many times by Eddie Howe.

To highlight just how far off base we feel this one is, The Star also says that Newcastle signed Anthony Gordon from Everton for £45million in August last year, when it was actually January.

We know how easy it is to get little things wrong now and then when writing up a story, but we also know how much those little slips can undermine your credibility. It's not so bad for us who are giving our two pence worth on stories that someone else has created, but when you're the one making the story up, it becomes a lot more important to get the details right.


It certainly gave us a chuckle today

After the season Gordon has had for Newcastle, there is no way the club would entertain the notion of letting him go, and given Gordon's own words yesterday, it certainly doesn't sound like he has any intention of leaving either.

While there is a suggestion that Gordon grew up supporting Liverpool, the fact that his professional football career started at Everton would mean it would be hard for him to be accepted by The Reds fans, and it would certainly drive an even bigger wedge between Gordon and the Everton fans who still haven't got over his exit from The Toffees.

Who doesn't love a bit of nonsense on a Sunday afternoon, eh?