Thu 8 Feb 2024, 19:59 · Ash Harrison

Newcastle fans saying the same thing on X as rumours swirl about Gareth Southgate's England plan

Newcastle fans saying the same thing on X as rumours swirl about Gareth Southgate's England plan
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You would be hard-pressed to find a Newcastle United fan who thinks that Gareth Southgate gives our lads a fair shot.

Indeed, were it not for Kieran Trippier, Nick Pope and Callum Wilson, all of whom had England caps before joining Newcastle, you'd wonder if he even knew Newcastle had English players.

Pundits up and down the country keep pointing out how Anthony Gordon would be an amazing asset for England, not to mention we have the likes of Harvey Barnes and Elliot Anderson who are both being kept hanging on with the promise of call-ups despite the fact that they're eligible to play for Scotland and they'd have them in their squad in a heartbeat.

"Big Six" bias strikes again

Now, Newcastle have one of the most exciting young talents in the Premier League in Lewis Miley and it looks like he's about to be overlooked in favour of Kobbie Mainoo of Manchester United.

We aren't saying that Mainoo isn't a good player, he clearly is, but what's he done that Lewis Miley hasn't other than play for one of the "big six"?

Don't get me wrong, I can criticise Gareth Southgate like it's my job ... wait, it kind of is ... awesome! The way he constantly calls up his favourites over players in far better form, players who are actually playing, is a constant source of irritation, but it's not just me being biased this time, is it?

Newcastle V Luton - 12 English players on display - Where was Southgate?

At the weekend, the clash between Newcastle and Luton had no fewer than 12 English players involved, several of whom are definitely in the mix for a call-up, and where was Gareth Southgate? In Amsterdam watching Jordan Henderson play for Ajax. Like he's never seen him play before. Come on, man!

If the rumour is true and Kobbie Mainoo is being picked, then yes, well done that lad, but if Lewis Miley isn't even in the mix, despite cries from commentators, pundits, and fans of all clubs, then it's starting to look very much like Southgate just isn't paying attention or genuinely has something against Newcastle.

Did his spell at Middlesbrough really mean that much to him?