Wed 10 Jul 2024, 12:00 · Ash Harrison

Liverpool transfer discussions could be the reason Anthony Gordon is not getting minutes at Euro 2024

Liverpool transfer discussions could be the reason Anthony Gordon is not getting minutes at Euro 2024
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Since the PSR deadline passed and Newcastle United looked to have beaten the system by the skin of their teeth, a lot of talk has been around the future of Anthony Gordon.

While fans are wondering what the winger has to do to get on the pitch in Germany, the media have been more focused on this fictional move to Liverpool.

There's still a debate raging on as to whether Newcastle offered Anthony Gordon to Liverpool or Liverpool made an enquiry, but one thing that does seem pretty clear is that the Reds were never going to fork over the amount Newcastle were asking.

The deal was only mooted as a way for Newcastle to avoid a points deduction and never got beyond the discussion phase. Now that the deadline has passed, that really should have been it done and dusted.

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Exactly what Gordon needs to be doing

Transfer rumours are allegedly affecting Gordon's performances in training

However, 10 days later and it's still a topic of discussion as media outlets refuse to let it die - and yes, we realise the hypocrisy of us writing about it now, but we're not the ones starting all this crap.

On Monday, The Daily Star wrote about how there's 'growing concern' in the England camp that the talk of a move to Liverpool has been a big distraction for Gordon and that he's 'taken his eye off the ball' in training.

That would explain why Southgate isn't picking him if it's true, although let's be honest, he wasn't picking him before this all started either.


Can we really blame Gordon if his head is a mess?

We wouldn't blame Gordon if his head was a mess during all this if he's hearing that his club, off the back of a phenomenal season, have offered him up as a sacrifice to the club he grew up supporting, then yeah, of course that's going to affect him.

That being said, Gordon always comes across as the ultimate professional and is massively into mindfulness, so we can't really imagine he'd be letting it get to him when he's got a job to do.

England take on the Netherlands tonight in the semi-final in the hopes of booking a date to take on Spain on Sunday in the final. Whether we get to see Anthony Gordon on the pitch tonight remains to be seen, but if I were a betting man, I know where my money would be going.