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Ally McCoist now says Newcastle's St James' Park has the best atmosphere in the Premier League

Ally McCoist now says Newcastle's St James' Park has the best atmosphere in the Premier League
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Ally McCoist has once again heaped praise on Newcastle United on TalkSPORT.

Despite his stint at Sunderland, Ally McCoist almost always has something positive to say about Newcastle and is often the pundit who leaps to our defence when people are talking poop about us on TalkSPORT.

This time, McCoist has namedropped the magpies unprompted in a discussion about Chelsea's FA Cup replay with Middlesbrough.

McCoist says Newcastle has by far the best atmosphere in the Premier League

The discussion was about whether or not Mauricio Pochettino would be sacked if they failed to beat Middlesbrough and the significance of the game when host, Shebahn Aherne brought up the lack of atmosphere at Stamford Bridge saying "it's not as if it's a rocking atmosphere right now."

SJP Atmosphere
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Nothing compares to SJP

McCoist immediately jumped in questioning the state of all the grounds in the Premier League, bar one.

"I want somebody to tell me in England where is? Outside Newcastle. Where's there a rocking atmosphere?"

Shebahn Aherne and Andy Townsend suggest Nottingham Forest which mustered up some unenthusiastic agreement from McCoist, then, of course, Anfield came up and the 61-year-old agreed, but then added:

"Anfield? I'll tell you what, some of the games I've been to ... quiet atmosphere, honestly."

St James' Park > Anfield

Ally McCoist may not be the official authority on the subject, but we're going to take this one as a win anyway. Especially as he's put to bed this idea that Anfield has a better atmosphere than St James' Park.

Of course, we'll never know the truth because they pump their crowd noise through the speakers which is worse than playing goal music - a sin that should be a points deduction mind.

This has been a public service announcement from the Premier League Football Ground Atmosphere Police.