Wed 10 Jul 2024, 19:30 · Ash Harrison

What losing Amanda Staveley will mean for Newcastle United and the fanbase

What losing Amanda Staveley will mean for Newcastle United and the fanbase
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It has been revealed today that Amanda Staveley and Mehrdad Ghodoussi will be selling off their 6% stake in Newcastle United three years after finally getting the takeover deal over the line.

Amanda Staveley was seen as the face of the takeover despite the majority of shares belonging to the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund who bought an 80% controlling stake with Staveley and Ghodoussi splitting the remaining 20% with the Rueben Brothers, one of the wealthiest families in the UK.

Recently Amanda Staveley has diluted her stake down to 6% selling 4% of her shares to the Ruebens, and it's believed the PIF will take the remaining 6% giving it an 86%/14% split between the PIF and the Reuebens.

Fabrizio Romano mentioned in his post on the matter that this was always part of the plan, but we're not sure we believe that so much as we're sure they wouldn't have made Staveley the face of the club if they knew that in a few years time she'd be gone.


Staveley has overseen the building of a solid backroom team

The news has left a lot of Newcastle fans wondering what will happen now, what changes will we see?

In truth, probably not many. Other than the odd post on social media, when was the last time we even heard from Staveley? She's been taking more and more of a back seat since the appointment of Darren Eales and subsequent boardroom members like Peter Silverstone.

Also, now that the whole Dan Ashworth thing is sorted and Paul Mitchell is in, the negotiating side of transfers will be more than covered by Mitchell and Eales.


Darren Eales is best placed to run the club

Granted Amanda Staveley and Mehrdad Ghodoussi are popular figures on Tyneside and adored by the fans, and we're sure they'll still return to St James' Park for the odd game, but the truth is, having Darren Eales - the man who built a club from scratch in the form of MLS side Atlanta United - is much better placed to run the club as he's got bags more experience in football than the married duo.

If anything, having a couple of fewer voices in the boardroom could be a good thing as the PIF, who can just throw money at a problem without a care, are less likely to put up with the Premier League's crap and may even be more forceful.

However, it's more likely that we just won't notice any difference other than fewer matchday posts on X from Mehrdad.