Sat 27 Apr 2024, 20:00 · Ash Harrison

'We wanted to cry': Bruno Guimaraes shares how he and Joelinton felt seeing the display by Wor Flags

'We wanted to cry': Bruno Guimaraes shares how he and Joelinton felt seeing the display by Wor Flags
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Wor Flags set a very strong message to Bruno Guimaraes and Joelinton before kick-off at St James' Park today with the Gallowgate End displaying an enormous Brazil flag.

Newcastle United's Brazilian duo are two of the most loved players at the club, and with constant talk of Bruno moving on in the summer, Wor Flags took it upon themselves to send a very clear message - We love you, don't go.

I think most Newcastle fans are confident enough that the club will keep hold of Bruno for at least another season, but it can't hurt to reiterate just how we feel about him.

It seems to have struck the right chord with the midfielder too given what he told NUFC TV after today's game.

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Bruno dedicated his goal to the fans

Guimaraes got a bit emotional before kick-off

Bruno admitted he's never felt as loved at any club as he does at Newcastle and dedicated his goal to the fans after they almost made him and Joelinton cry with the amazing display.

"To be honest I was now speaking with Joe. Me and him, we wanted to cry when we saw this. It was very special.

"I made some effort to not cry on the pitch because it was very beautiful. My family sent me a message, they were very happy as well.

"Thank you for the whole fans, they have been unbelievable with me and with Joe as well."

Bruno credited Jason Tindall for his goal today

Bruno added another goal to his tally with a wonderful diving header against Sheffield United which came from a well-worked set piece for which Bruno gave all credit to Jason Tindall.

It shouldn't be long before we see Bruno and Joelinton back on the pitch together with J7 back in training again after surgery.

Joelinton's return could be that extra lift that gets us into Europe this season.