Thu 30 May 2024, 14:00 · Ash Harrison

Stoke City are the talk of social media after massive gaffe that could serve as a cautionary tale for Newcastle

Stoke City are the talk of social media after massive gaffe that could serve as a cautionary tale for Newcastle
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Change isn't something that football fans deal with very well, whether it be the idea of letting a player go, moving to a new stadium or updating the club's crest.

Newcastle United fans have been on tenterhooks since the PIF-backed takeover, waiting for the day that the new owners announce that they're taking us away from St James' Park, or selling Bruno Guimaraes to comply with Financial Fair Play or even changing the iconic club badge.

The current iteration of the club crest has been in use since 1988 following three previous designs dating back to 1969.

Going off the recent leaks, it looks as though the upcoming kits from Adidas will bring back two of these older crests with the 1976-1983 crest being printed on the back of the collar of the home shirt and the third kid sporting the 1983-1988 badge rather than the current one.


Many club have changed their badge recently but Stoke may want to rethink their plans

A lot of clubs have moved to modernise their badges lately, many opting for a circular badge with the name running around the outside and some callback to the old badge in the centre. Others have gone for a stripped back version of their old or even their current crest - Manchester United have taken the red devil from their crest and used that as the badge on their third kits recently.

Stoke City have just released a new version of their badge and, well, it has gone down like a lead balloon. The Potters have gone with something that resembles a cross between the castle in the Walt Disney logo and a milk bottle.

It's unconfirmed as to whether or not this is a replacement badge or just one they're using on an away kit ... or if it's some sort of weird elaborate prank, but it doesn't seem to have many fans.


Newcastle have no plans to change the badge

There's plenty of resistance to the idea of changing Newcastle's current crest with fans saying this one is iconic. Although we're sure that had the internet been a thing when the club changed it in the past, there'd have been the same dissenting voices back then too.

While there are no plans to change the crest that we're aware of, this business at Stoke City should definitely serve as a cautionary tale should the owners decide to make the change.

Make it make sense, make it good, don't knock a design up on Canva in five minutes and then be done with it.