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Report: Willock linked with summer move to Sunderland - Newcastle fans need not worry

Report: Willock linked with summer move to Sunderland - Newcastle fans need not worry
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Newcastle United midfielder Joe Willock is currently being rested by the club after struggling to recover from an achilles injury all season.

The 24-year-old has tried to make a triumphant comeback a few times this season and each time has resulted in the former Arsenal man aggravating his condition, so now the club have taken the decision to not play him again this season to maximise the chances of him being available next campaign.

However, if you were just glancing through the headlines today you may have done a spit-take with your cuppa, or let's be honest, it's Friday, your Brown Ale, as you saw that Willock has been linked with a move to Sunderland.

Thankfully, though, it's not our Joe, but his brother, Chris who is currently at QPR.

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A right bunch of Willocks

Chris Willock is being tracked by Sunderland. Bless him.

The Real EFL reports that The mackems are keeping an eye on the elder Willock with a view to a summer move for the 26-year-old winger.

If we're being honest, we didn't think for one second that they would have meant Joe Willock as Sunderland couldn't afford his left boot and he's far too good for them even in his current condition.

But at least Joe could soon have his big brother close by just down the A19, or more likely down the A167 in Durham where it's much nicer. Remind me not to use the Sunderland tag on this one - I can't be doing with the grief.


How did Sunderland get on in the FA Cup?

Sunderland will battle it out in the Championship again next season after once again letting a decent start to the campaign peter out into absolute nothingness.

We haven't exactly had a dream season, but at least we got past the FA Cup third round. Who knocked Sunderland out this year? I can't quite remember.

This has been punching down just for the hell of it. We now return back to our usual, scheduled Newcastle-related programming.