Fri 19 Apr 2024, 18:59 · Ash Harrison

Report: The £4m deal that looks set to keep 26-year-old fan-favourite at Newcastle United

Report: The £4m deal that looks set to keep 26-year-old fan-favourite at Newcastle United
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Newcastle United fans breathed a collective sigh of relief today as a report came out which massively hints at the future of a fan-favourite player.

Earlier today Luke Edwards of The Telegraph posted on X that Bruno Guimaraes has just bought a new £4million home in Darras Hall.

It's about as clear a statement as you can get that the midfielder has no intention of leaving the club, unless he just likes throwing money away.

Bruno's future is a constant source of speculation, especially for media outlets with few ties to the region, but this move should, for now at least, pour some cold water on exit rumours.


It's a big move but it won't end the speculation

Obviously, buying a house doesn't tie footballers down to the area. With the money Bruno earns he could fly over to Paris, Barcelona or Madrid and buy another equally expensive house and forget all about the one in Darras Hall, but with the season coming to an end, Bruno buying a new house in the area is a pretty positive sign that he's got no intention of leaving this summer.

With speculation linking Bruno with Arsenal and Paris Saint-Germain, this should put an end to those stories until January at least.

It likely won't as that's not how sports journalism works, but at least as Newcastle fans, we can look at this news to offset the rumour mill and be confident that unless something goes drastically wrong at the club, Bruno's here to stay.


Bruno is a geordie!

Bruno recently signed a new deal at the club which was fans' first big hint that he intended to stay, but the inclusion of a £100million release clause was seen as the perfect detail for journalists to continue making up exit rumours.

No matter how many times he's stated how happy he is at Newcastle, how many times he kisses the badge or praises the fans, someone will always write a story about him leaving.

With a new £4million home in the offing, short of getting "I'm not leaving" tattooed on his chest, we're not sure what else the poor bloke can do to make it any more clear that ... BRUNO IS A GEORDIE!