Wed 22 May 2024, 19:30 · Ash Harrison

Report: Newcastle insiders have 'laughed' the idea that club would accept £90m bid for 'rare talent'

Report: Newcastle insiders have 'laughed' the idea that club would accept £90m bid for 'rare talent'
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Newcastle United have made it abundantly clear that their big-name stars are not for sale this summer despite plenty of interest.

The Magpies have two world-class gems on their books for the first time in years, and other clubs are eyeing our jewels like they're Danny Ocean planning his next big heist.

Bruno Guimaraes and Alexander Isak are the players in question with links to other clubs a daily thing that Newcastle fans have to deal with.

Thankfully, the club, and indeed the players, especially in Bruno's case, have made it very clear that they will be going nowhere this summer.

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Isak is going nowhere for £90million

Newcastle insiders find the idea of selling Isak for £90m hilarious

Some reports have been circling suggesting that, because of Financial Fair Play, Newcastle would consider selling Isak if a bid of £90million came in during the off-season.

According to The Telegraph, this has provided much entertainment within the walls of St James' Park with their sources saying that they've 'laughed at claims in the media they would be willing to sell for £90m, insisting it would take double that to get them to even pick up the phone and discuss it.'

We've said it since the reports started that £90-£100million wouldn't get you a match-worn sock, Isak is simply that good and that important.


The "Big Six"-bias brigade are getting nervous

The Telegraph went on to suggest that they expect Alexander Isak to stay for next season, as is the same with Bruno Guimaraes. It's great to see a mainstream media outlet actually say this.

So many of the London-based rags, and "Big Six"-biased media would love to see our top players go elsewhere as they are convinced we aren't worthy, simply because they are terrified that we're building towards upsetting the status quo.

And we like it, we like it, we like it, we like it, we la-la-la-like it. There's one for the oldies there.