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Report: Major boost for Newcastle United on the eve of the FA Cup final

Report: Major boost for Newcastle United on the eve of the FA Cup final
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Newcastle United aren't partaking in tomorrow's FA Cup final but they have a lot riding on its outcome nonetheless.

It's the Manchester derby down at Wembley as City and United clash for the final piece of domestic silverware of the season. However, it won't just be Manchester (and let's be honest, London) watching on with vested interest as the Toon Army will be tuning in to watch with the result having a huge bearing on Newcastle's future.

Should Manchester City best their local rivals, Newcastle United would be handed a place in the Europa Conference League next season, however, if Manchester United were to emerge victorious, there will be no Europe for the Magpies.

There's strong feeling that Manchester United don't stand much of a chance against the superior City side, but football is never that cut and dry, and Man United do love a Wembley trip.

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Ten Hag knows fate regardless of tomorrow's result

Manchester United will sack Erik Ten Hag regardless of tomorrow's result

Something that may well have just swung things in City's and therefore Newcastle's favour even more, is that, according to The Guardian, Erik ten Hag will be sacked by Manchester United regardless of the outcome.

Regardless of how much the players respect him or not, that's a huge thing to have looming over you going into such a pivotal game.

Also, from Ten Hag's point of view - why bother now? If bringing the club its second trophy in as many years won't save your job, why even try?


Another amazing decision by Jim Ratcliffe

Of course, it could have the reverse effect and it could galvanise the team to give it the old "This one's for Erik" try, but we can't see it. They've hardly done that for him all season.

It's just another laughable move by that shambolic club that has fallen so far from grace since Sir Alex Ferguson left. Not so much letting Ten Hag go, but to leak it before a cup final. Bravo!

Sir Jim Ratcliffe bought into a mess and he's only making it worse it seems from the outside looking in. And we're here for it, all the way.