Wed 18 Oct 2023, 09:59 · Ash Harrison

Report: Fan Zone set to go-ahead after Northumbria Police withdraw objection

Report: Fan Zone set to go-ahead after Northumbria Police withdraw objection
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Yesterday was the set date for the hearing regarding opposition to the proposed STACK Fan Zone that is planned for Strawberry Place.

Tuesday 17th October was when Northumbria Police and local councillors were set to air their objections to the proposed Newcastle United fan zone which is set to be erected at Strawberry Place just outside the Gallowgate End.

The Police had objections to the Sela and STACK collaboration citing that it would turn the area into a drinking hotspot which would make it harder for them to police the city. Meanwhile, local councillors were concerned about the noise levels the fan zone would generate and the effect that would have on local residents.

However, before the meeting took place, both parties withdrew their concerns which has paved the way for the proposal to be given the green light according to The Shields Gazette.

The people behind the fan zone were already confident that the licence would be granted even with the objections, but now it would appear that there's nothing in their way now.

The STACK site will consist of six bars and 10 food stalls and they're hoping that the alcohol licence will grant them permission to serve between 10am and Midnight seven days a week. The site, built out of shipping containers will hold 3000 people at full capacity.

If the go-ahead is granted, it's expected that it will be completed and open for Spring 2024.