Tue 31 Oct 2023, 14:29 · Ash Harrison

Report: Adidas set to revive a classic next season as they become Newcastle’s kit supplier

Report: Adidas set to revive a classic next season as they become Newcastle’s kit supplier
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Newcastle United have revived their partnership with Adidas and the German sportswear giant will manufacture the Magpies' kits from next season.

It was a match made in heaven back in the 90s, with Kevin Keegan's entertainers running around in some of the best Newcastle kits of all time. The grandad collared home shirt is almost unanimously agreed upon by Newcastle fans as the best ever.

Alongside that sits the maroon and blue hooped "David Ginola" away kit. Both kits sported the beer mat Newcastle Brown Ale sponsor which has become iconic in itself.

Supporters are already excited about the return of Adidas

NUFC Adidas 1995 Kit Launch
Getty Images
The best to ever do it... and Kevin Keegan

Geordies are once again hoping that Adidas can recapture that magic when they take over from Castore as kit supplier at the end of this season.

And it seems that the club have timed it to perfection with Adidas set to revive a classic from the archives on certain kits next year:

Footy Headlines has reported that Adidas will be reviving the old trefoil logo on 'elite' club's third kits next season. A move that was, albeit accidentally, predicted in a recent video where a kit designer who supports Newcastle set about designing three new kits for the club.

Will Newcastle be deemed 'elite' by Adidas?

The move is part of an Adidas initiative to recapture the past and the logo will only be used on third kits for 'elite' clubs which, may or may not include the Magpies.

Adidas NUFC Kit Launch 1995 x2
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The 1995/96 kits were both masterpieces, even Beardo couldn't spoil them

The Footy Headlines article uses Manchester United, Arsenal, Real Madrid, Juventus, and Bayern Munich as examples, but we'd like to believe that Newcastle will find their way into that reckoning.

Given the size of the deal signed between Newcastle and Adidas and the fact that we are currently a Champions League side, there's surely a strong case to be made for us to be classed as 'elite'.

We can't wait to see what Adidas do with our kits for their first year back, and we really hope we get a kit with the classic trefoil logo.