Sun 17 Mar 2024, 12:59 · Ash Harrison

Premier League-winning manager could replace Eddie Howe at Newcastle in the summer - journalist

Premier League-winning manager could replace Eddie Howe at Newcastle in the summer - journalist
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This season Newcastle United have failed to capture the magic of last year and in some people's eyes that puts Eddie Howe in the danger zone.

Media speculation has been rife for months that Eddie Howe could be given the chop at the end of this season. We don't believe it for a second. We feel that everyone connected with the club can see the challenges he has faced this season, not to mention the fact that they weren't expecting to match last season's crazy highs even before the campaign got underway.

We're not saying Eddie Howe has a job for life, but there's enough good will built up that he'll be given another season, unless something goes drastically wrong next year that is.

However, none of this has stopped journalists from weighing in with their thoughts on who can take over should the axe fall. The latest is HITC journo Graeme Bailey who has thrown up an interesting name.

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Roberto Mancini could be on the PIF's short list

Graeme Bailey has suggested that the PIF could look at former Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini as Eddie Howe's successor.

And how has he come to this conclusion? Well, it's simple. Roberto Mancini is currently the national coach of Saudi Arabia - PIF is from Saudi Arabia - PIF of Saudi Arabia own the majority of Newcastle United. Simple. It doesn't require any more thought than that.

In all seriousness, it's not the craziest shout despite the simple logic leap to create the story. He's a proven entity having won the Premier League and he will have developed relationships in Saudi that would put him in a good position should a change be made which according to Bailey, is a decision that could be taken at the highest level.

"Sources confirm that Howe has the rest of the season to show the sort of form that will convince PIF not to make a change, but whilst Howe may have been given assurances by some members of the club’s hierarchy – it is PIF who will have the final decision on such matters."

If we're being honest, we'd rather have Mancini than any of the other managers who keep being mentioned - we're looking at you Jose Mourinho - but we just don't think it's on the cards just yet.

It would be wildly hypocritical of us to put out an article telling the Howe Out brigade to have a re-think and then a couple of hours later start shouting for a change just because an interesting name is in the frame, and that's why we're sticking our neck out and backing Eddie Howe.

The good thing is, Mancini is currently in a job, so while he's at the Saudi national side, there's no rush for Newcastle to act.