Sun 21 Apr 2024, 12:59 · Ash Harrison

Newcastle fans are breathing a sigh of relief after player exit was teased online on Saturday night

Newcastle fans are breathing a sigh of relief after player exit was teased online on Saturday night
Feyenoord Rotterdam
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Social media is a fun place at times with conclusions being jumped to left, right and centre.

Last night Feyenoord posted an image on X of Newcastle United loanee Yankuba Minteh through a camera viewfinder pulling on a Feyenoord shirt and NUFC social media lost its collective mind.

Minteh has had a brilliant season with the Dutch champions and the Rotterdam club are hoping to convince the Gambian winger to stick around.

And that's exactly what Newcastle fans were fearing had happened.

The image that started it all

Panic stations were manned!

With zero context given, fans were assuming that Minteh was about to be unveiled as a new signing, or at least confirming another season-long loan.

Newcastle's FFP struggles are always playing on the minds of fans so the idea of selling a player is never too unrealistic, and seeing something like that certainly got us all thinking.

There were a few people who hit the nail on the head with their guesses as to what was actually going on.


It was just a promo for today's big game

Feyenoord will today take part in the KNVB Cup Final against NEC and that image was from the shoot for a promo video for the final.

Fans have breathed a huge sigh of relief knowing that we haven't sold one of our most promising prospects before he's even kicked a ball for the club.

That being said, Minteh's future is still unknown with Feyenoord desperate to keep him around and Newcastle fans really hoping to get to see what he's capable of next season.

Most likely is that Eddie Howe will cast an eye over him personally in pre-season before deciding whether to keep him in the squad or to loan him out again. As long as we're not selling him though, that's all good.