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Midfielder famous for punch-up with teammate now says he regrets signing for Newcastle

Midfielder famous for punch-up with teammate now says he regrets signing for Newcastle
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Former midfielder Lee Bowyer has shared how he almost signed for Liverpool before his switch to Newcastle United.

Lee Bowyer arrived at Newcastle from Leeds United in 2003 after agreeing to join Sir Bobby Robson's side.

Bowyer went on to make 98 appearances for the Magpies, scoring 11 goals and providing nine assists, but his legacy at the club remains his on-field bust-up with teammate Kieron Dyer in 2005 during a game against Aston Villa where Newcastle were 3-0 down.

Bowyer is now coach of an international side

From then on, it didn't matter what Bowyer had done or would go on to do for Newcastle, that would be the lasting memory he left. At least Kieron Dyer had the whole bust-up with Bobby Robson thing to distract fans ... wait ... that's not good either, is it?

Bowyer vs Dyer
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Ah what a time to be a Mag

Now the head coach of the Montserrat national team which boasts top stars such as ... anyway,

Bowyer has been speaking to Jamie Carragher Sky Sports MNF Retro (via The Star) and he admitted he came close to joining Liverpool under Gerard Houllier before signing for Newcastle.

Bowyer abandoned his medical to turn down Liverpool before joining Newcastle

"I was very close [to joining Liverpool] - I was halfway through a medical but it just didn't feel right for me at the time.

"That is my biggest regret in football not going to Liverpool at that time. If I could've turned the clock back I would've gone. Looking back, I made the wrong decision. I knew my time was coming to an end at Leeds due to a few things behind the scenes that didn't sit well with me so I knew it was my time to go."

"I thought doing another five years up north being a long way away from my family after doing six years at Leeds didn't sit right but after all that I ended up going to Newcastle which is even further away, so it makes no sense!"

Yeah, cheers Lee. That makes us feel super special.