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'Lightyears ahead': Ally McCoist is baffled how this team are ahead of Newcastle in the league

'Lightyears ahead': Ally McCoist is baffled how this team are ahead of Newcastle in the league
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TalkSPORT pundit Ally McCoist has once again been singing the praises of Newcastle United.

It's been a trying season so far for Eddie Howe's Newcastle, but somehow, despite all the injuries and the shocking away form, the Magpies are still in the top eight of the Premier League and still very much in contention for another top-four finish.

Newcastle currently sit in seventh position, one point behind Manchester United in sixth and seven points off the top four.

Ally McCoist is baffled by Man United's league position

However, Ally McCoist can't believe that Manchester United are ahead of Newcastle in the league based on current form and the difference between the two sides when they met recently.

McCoist said it 'baffles' him how Man United are ahead of Newcastle, but added that it won't be that way for long as Newcastle are 'lightyears ahead' of where Man United are now.

"On current form, it baffles me. They had a reasonable start, United, in the league you have to say that. But on current form looking at United's performances against Bournemouth, against Newcastle. In answer to the question, I've got no idea. I watched Newcastle play Manchester United and Newcastle were lightyears ahead of them.

"So yeah, unanswerable question for me, but you've got to say on current form I don't think it'll stay that way for long."

If we'd have been able to keep our players fit this season, who knows where we'd be sitting in the league now.

Newcastle have so much more going for them than Man United

Our recent performances have been shockingly bad, but they have been outliers really. Far from the norm. Our away form definitely needs addressing, but again, how much of that comes down to fatigue and down to Eddie Howe not having the personnel available to him to put out a decent side?

You look at Manchester United now and there's no way they can finish above us in the league. They are a truly awful side, they don't come together as a team, the manager is lost, the keeper takes dodgy to new levels.

There's not one of their players who could get in our strongest XI in our view. So we're with Ally on this, it's actually baffling how they're a point ahead right now, but it won't last.