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Latest video released by Newcastle United drops huge selection hint ahead of Tottenham game

Latest video released by Newcastle United drops huge selection hint ahead of Tottenham game
Serena Taylor via Getty Images
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This morning Newcastle United released the second part of their video outlining the club and Sela's collaboration with the RNID ahead of Saturday's visit of Tottenham.

With Eddie Howe due to meet the media this morning, have the club already given a clue as to the availability of one player before the gaffer has had a chance to speak?

Dan Burn and Kieran Trippier took part in a mini kick-about with a group of deaf children before telling them that they're going to be the matchday mascots on Saturday and will get to wear one of the special kits with haptics inside that will allow deaf people to 'feel the noise' inside the stadium.

The team will also wear one-off shirts with the RNID logo on the front as Sela donate their sponsorship for this game to the charity which will also see the RNID's logo around the stadium during the televised game.


Is Trippier fit to face Tottenham?

Obviously, Kieran Trippier is club captain in the absence of Jamaal Lascelles who is recovering from surgery, so it makes sense that he'd be front and centre for the promotion, but does it also hint that he's clear of his injury and could return to the lineup to face his former club?

We'd like to think so. And if not, then what's he doing having a bloody kick about with kids, Eddie?

In all seriousness, we hope Tripps is available for the game tomorrow, but if not it was a great touch getting out there and meeting the kids and telling them that they'll be leading the team out on Saturday.


The kids taught Trippier and Burn a new goal celebration

The kids taught the lads a new celebration too which is the sign language for 'love the fans'. Hopefully, we'll see it used on Saturday. We imagine all the players will be itching to use it, but it would be all the more special if it was Kieran Trippier doing it after putting a free-kick into the top corner against his former employers.

We hope that Sela do more of these in the future. It was one thing to donate the shirt sponsorship, but designing a new shirt that can change the matchday experience for deaf people was a step we really weren't expecting.

Fun88 were funny on Twitter/X, but Sela are next-level.