Tue 23 Apr 2024, 19:29 · Ash Harrison

'He's so bizarre': Anthony Gordon throws up a huge surprise when asked about his ideal dinner guest

'He's so bizarre': Anthony Gordon throws up a huge surprise when asked about his ideal dinner guest
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For 43 minutes in The Overlap's 50-minute interview with Anthony Gordon the Newcastle United winger came across very well but then almost blew it with the answer to one question.

The level of maturity that Anthony Gordon shows in his interview with Gary Neville for Sky Sports' The Overlap is genuinely astounding. When you consider how much of a petulant little brat he seemed when at Everton, it seems that 18 months under Eddie Howe has really made him grow as a footballer and a person.

However in reality, when you listen to him talk, you can see that he's far from that image that we all had of him before his move and he's actually really focused and driven with a desire to succeed.

But just as you start to really see the maturity and level-headedness in Gordon, Gary Neville asks him about his ideal dinner guests and things almost came crashing down.


So close to losing all the respect he'd built up

Gordon did manage to redeem himself by justifying his choice but all that respect was nearly thrown out the window.

"I'd go Maradona. I would go Donald Trump ... just to meet him to see how he is. He's so bizarre as a person I just want to sit down with him. Also Ricky Gervais.

"Ricky Gervais is a big one. I don't know why I didn't put him first."

Gordon's interest in psychology clearly took a hold

Given Gordon's fascination with psychology which he touches on many times in the interview, it actually makes sense that he would want to meet Trump. There aren't many more fascinating characters on the planet from a psychological perspective.

Let's be honest, that dinner party would be absolutely mental too. Maradona off his beak not knowing where he is, Donald Trump, let's be honest, not knowing where he is either and Ricky Gervais just tearing him to shreds while Anthony Gordon watches on taking notes for his psychology masters.

The Donald Trump invitation definitely came out of left field, but we totally get it now.