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'Had my doubters': Dan Burn admits that this season has not gone as well as it could have

'Had my doubters': Dan Burn admits that this season has not gone as well as it could have
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Newcastle United start today in 10th place in the Premier League before heading into the early kick-off against West Ham United where a win could see them climb up to 8th before the rest of the games are played this weekend.

After mixing it with the big boys all of last season and eventually finishing fourth, not to mention a trip to Wembley for the Carabao Cup final, this season has felt like a bit of an anti-climax as the players struggled to cope with the burden of the extra games and hectic schedule that comes as part of playing in the Champions League.

Add to that the fact that Newcastle have had one of the worst injury records in recent memory to contend with then sprinkle on some of the hardest cup draws ever, then it's not too hard to see why things haven't exactly followed on from last year.

The team has a whole has struggled this season, but there have been some individuals who have been notably way below the standard they set last year.


Dan Burn has divided the fanbase this season

Dan Burn is one player who has come in for a lot of criticism from fans this season actually causing a rift between the fanbase between those who relentlessly criticised the 6'7" defender and blamed him for everything that ever went wrong, and those who blindly backed the lad because, you know, he's from Blyth.

Somewhere in the middle lies the truth. There aren't many who would give more for the shirt than Burn, but some of his performances this season have been pretty awful, not helped by Eddie Howe hanging him out to dry by putting him up against rapid wingers when it's a clear mismatch of pace.

However, Burn isn't letting the hate get to him. He knows he's not been at his best, but he also has a great record of proving people wrong - he proved us all wrong last season when we thought he'd hardly play after doing his bit to keep us in the league in Eddie's first half-season in charge.


'We needed the rest mentally as much as physically'

Speaking to BBC's Match Of The Day, Dan Burn admitted the struggles of this season but has vowed to prove his critics wrong yet again.

"I haven't hit the heights of last season but I've still enjoyed it. I still want to prove people wrong. I've had a lot of doubters, but I've had that in my full career. I want to work hard and make the improvements I need to make."

"The amount of injuries... we didn't want to use it as an excuse, but the fact is we have had a lot. It was the first experience of European football for a lot of us. We needed the rest [of the international break], mentally as much as physically.

"We have always been pretty good coming back off an international break. We have been able to have a break, train on things we would like to and hopefully we can get a result against West Ham."

Newcastle United v West Ham - Saturday 30 March - Kick-off: 12:30pm Live on TNT Sport